The aim of this site is to help you visualise your financial future in a clean and simple way.

How does it work?

By taking a few key parameters in your life and applying some basic maths, we are able to forecast a hypothetical financial future up to 99 years in advance. Although there are far too many variables in life to create any accurate predictions you can see how making some small changes at the beginning of your life can make a huge difference later on.

Try playing with the interest rate number, or changing the gap between your income and outgoings, it's amazing how quickly compound interest begins to work!

How is debt modelled?

At the moment the system does not have a concept of debt. If you have debt such as a student loan or mortgage these should be entered into your outgoings trajectory.

Who is it for?

This site will be of most benefit if you are young (< 25), but it's always a good time to understand money.

Case Studies

If you're not sure what your financial future holds then check out these case studies which look at some financial decisions you might be facing.

What currency is it in?

Whatever currency you want it to be in! Don't worry about the currency, as long as you keep the units consistent then you can think of everything in £, $ or even Bitcoin.

What does matter is that when you enter your income trajectory you put in your take home pay, not what you are paid before tax. The tax systems are different all across the world and they change slightly all the time so for the moment we've left that to you to work out. Below are links to a few take home pay calculators for various countries to help.

What do all these words mean?

A bunch of the words used on this site can be confusing or used to mean different things in different contexts. We've put together a list of definitions here along with links to other sources to help make sure we're all talking about the same thing.

Useful links

There's a near infinite amount you can read about wealth and money, we've put a few links that we thought were of relevance.

References & Thanks

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Thanks to anyone who contributed to all this free stuff, it's much appreciated.